Sunday, March 25, 2007

the waiting game.

6 dpo. I dunno, I somehow feel like it's not gonna happen this month. Which is okay. We'll have a baby at some point. It doesn't matter if it's now or in a year or in 2 years or what. But probably? Not in 2007. Which is fine by me.

I do feel weird, though. At work, we've got a stomach bug, ear infections, and a nasty cold & cough going around. I doubt I'd get the ear infection, and I've already got a mild mild mild version of the cold. But something is up with my stomach. I'm really gassy and almost-nauseous but not quite. I get gassy before my period, but not THIS bad. Dude thinks it's from dairy that I had on Friday but... why would it STILL be doing this to me? Who knows. Dairy hates me. And I have almost-nausea here and there, so. I don't think any of it's abnormal. Or necessarily preggo-related. But this is how I used to feel when I ate poorly and now I'm eating fantastically and have been feeling great all month, so I'm annoyed about the bout of tummy troubles.

I finally woke up AFTER 7 am today. At 9:30! Yay! After going to bed at, I dunno, 11:30 or midnight? I feel awake, but as if I've been run over by a truck. COMPLETELY listless. I did exercise a bunch yesterday. I feel soreness in my arms, and such fatigue, but lying down makes my stomach feel worse.

And finally, last on my list of weird? I HAVE A PIMPLE. I AM SO FREAKING PISSED. Now, you're probably telling me to shut the FUCK up, since I literally never get pimples. I used to get one a month at the most in my teen days, and then they stopped. I have dry skin. BUT MY FREAKING FACE IS OILY AND I HAVE A PIMPLE ON MY FOREHEAD. It looks like a bindi or a third eye. I haven't had a pimple in years. Dude pointed to me yesterday and said, "What's that on your forehead?" because he was that surprised at me having a pimple.

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