Monday, April 2, 2007

happy happy joy joy

I am feeling WAY awesomer today. All this stuff is just, I don't know, SO GOOD.

The best thing I learned today? Dude is a grad student working on his M.A. After this semester, he has two courses left, and he has to do 2 credits of thesis or internship (he's hoping internship because that's more up his alley but he's looking into finding a good place to intern). So, he was going to take one course and one internship (or thesis) credit in fall and the same in spring, because that's how they told him to structure it.

However, his adviser said that he can take those two courses this summer and the 2 credits in the fall and get his degree in December.

HOW SWEET IS THAT? So when the baby comes, he'll be about to be done w/grad school instead of a semester away! AND, if they can hook him up with a sweet internship, that will totally set him down the path he wants to be on.

Anyway. this makes me so happy.

Also, I set up my first prenatal appointment at my gyno's office for next monday. it won't be with my gyno (who's actually not a gyno but a midwife, which is awesome), but I'll be seeing her for my prenatals after. I think this is just to go over stuff.

Things are so good right now. My husband's going to get his degree sooner than expected, we're going to have a very well-loved adorable baby, and I'm healthy and happy.

Anyway, I'm gonna go watch the office with my love.

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