Saturday, December 15, 2007

important dates from my pregnancy.

This is a good thing to keep for my records!

Red-letter dates from this pregnancy, including how far along I was:

3/30 - 3w3d. I take an early pregnancy test, knowing it might be too early for a positive. It is negative. I decide to wait 2 days and test again, per the internet's suggestion.
3/31 - 3w4d. I realize I do not want to take a pregnancy test on april fool's day. So I test again. Sure enough... PREGNANT!
4/9 - 5w. first prenatal appointment. nothing exciting. They confirm my due date is December 10, which i knew - my brother's birthday!
4/10 - 5w1d. We tell the immediate family.
4/15 - 5w6d. We move. (We had planned to move before the pregnancy.) I do not recommend moving at 6 weeks pregnant, and hope not to ever do that again, as I felt sick and woozy and tired through the move as well as unpacking.
5/18 - 10w4d. Second prenatal appointment. Although the fetal heartbeat frequently cannot be detected by doppler till 14 weeks, the midwife tries anyway and cannot find it. I am not worried as I am a month away from 14 weeks. However, I let her scare me into rushing to the hospital for an emergency ultrasound. We confirm the heartbeat is fine and see our baby kicking around for the first time. Although it is several weeks too early to tell, I am convinced it is a girl. We start telling more family and friends about the pregnancy.
6/11 - 14w. I enter the second trimester and the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically. By this point, everyone knows we are expecting.
6/12 - 14w1d. Dude turns 24.
6/24 - 15w6d. I definitively feel the baby move for the first time. After some random flutters here and there for the past week, I jab my finger into my abdomen and wait. I feel a definite jab back.
6/25 - 16w. Dude, who has been a full-time grad student not intending to work, begins a full-time job at a preschool. We figure this is best since my back pain has been worsening, and hope he can manage full-time graduate work and full-time teaching in preschool.
6/28 - 16w3d. After work, I see my primary care physician due to complications with my bulged disc. She feels my job is aggravating it and puts me on disability leave for the remainder of my pregnancy. We are relieved that Dude found a job just in time.
6/29 - 16w4d. A stranger at the chiropractor's assumes I am pregnant, the first person in public to outwardly notice and comment on my bump.
7/3 - 17w1d. Dude and I go in for the ultrasound to check out the baby's biophysical profile (and hopefully find out the sex). I confirm beforehand that this is not too early, as I heard 18-20 weeks is a better time. I am scoffed at by my midwife practice and told it's fine, as it's just a one-week difference. We find out it's a girl! I am excited to be right. The ultrasound tech tells me I should have waited a couple weeks for the ultrasound as it's too early to see everything, and that I have to come back. Harumph! I am a bit annoyed, but whatever. we tour the hospital, and all looks fine.
7/23 - 20w. I go in for the follow-up ultrasound with my brother (Dude couldn't come along, and my brother was in town, so yay). I am irritated, as I had only wanted 1 ultrasound and certainly didn't count on 3, but at least it is nice to see my baby. Bro gets reprimanded for trying to discreetly video the ultrasound screen - but not before getting some bootleg fetal footage.
7/27 - 20w4d. Dude FINALLY feels the baby kick for the first time.
8/3 - 21w4d. I have a REALLY negative encounter at a prenatal appointment with a midwife. Aside from the ultrasound irritation, this is the second completely unsupportive and upsetting thing that has happened. I start looking into other options.
8/7 - 22w1d. I meet a new midwifery group and check out a new hospital. I am really impressed and realize that, even if the negative encounters hadn't happened, this new place is more convenient AND more what I am looking for. I happily switch my care.
8/26 - 24w6d. You can see the baby moving from the outside!
8/27 - 25w. I am put on partial bedrest and limited activity, due to my ever-worsening back. I am not pleased, but not surprised.
9/7 - 26w4d. Dude is the first person to see my belly moving from the outside.
9/9 - 26w6d. Our first Bradley method class. We realize that by the time the class series ends, I will be nearly 38 weeks pregnant. Holy cow!
9/18 - 28w. I am now officially in the third trimester.
10/2 - 30w1d. My 24th birthday... last one before I become a mom!
10/6 - 30w5d. We take our official hospital tour and are EXTREMELY impressed with the place. Many have ridiculed the notion that a woman can have a natural birth in a hospital (either because they are against drug-free birth or because they are against hospital birth), but i have heard such wonderful stories about our practice/hospital and see how supportive the environment is, and we feel confident that we have made the right choice. We also meet E, a potential doula. We have already decided that my mom will be present at the birth (if all goes to plan), but like the idea of having a doula as well.
10/10 - 31w2d. We decide that we'd definitely like to use E as our doula, and confirm it with her. Yay!
10/27 - 33w5d. My cousin throws me a baby shower.
10/31 - 34w1d. After some signs of pre-term labor, the midwife suggests an ultrasound to confirm the baby's position and amniotic fluid levels and other stuff. unlike my previous midwife practice, she makes sure I know that I can definitely decline this if it makes me uncomfortable, and wants to make sure that I feel okay with my decision if I agree, since she knows I didn't want to have more than one ultrasound. After some thoughts and discussion, I agree to my FOURTH ultrasound this pregnancy, but at least I really felt like this one was MY choice and nobody else's.
11/11 - 35w6d. Two of my friends from college throw me a baby shower.
11/19 - 37w. I am officially "full term," meaning that my baby could be born immediately and not be considered premature. Most women give birth between 37 and 42 weeks. The average time at which a first-time mom gives birth? 41w1d, which is 3 weeks away.
11/24 - 37w5d. My TOTALLY AWESOME parents, who came to spend Thanksgiving weekend with us, help us set up the apartment for the baby. Everything is totally ready to go!
11/25 - 37w6d. Our last Bradley class. We can't believe that it has been 12 weeks already and that this baby is coming rather soon! We feel as prepared for birth as we can, considering that since we have never been through it before we obviously can't be THAT prepared!
12/1 - 38w6d. Dude's sister, mom, cousin, and aunt throw me my third baby shower. The love, THE LOVE! Also - it is now officially December, the month in which I am going to have my baby.
12/4 - 39w1d. Dude's last day of class. WOOHOO! once he turns in all his work, he is officially done with school. (Side note: he finished on Christmas Day. There are lovely pictures of him wearing a sleeping Bumblebee in our Moby wrap as he types furiously on his laptop.)
12/9 - 39w6d. At 9:30 pm, I unexpectedly go into labor. Hard labor! Contractions start off intense, painful, and 10 minutes apart.
12/10 - 40w. I give birth to our daughter at 11:39 am. I am blessed to have the drug-free, intervention-free birth I dreamed of. She weighs in at 20 inches, 7 lbs 11 oz. My pregnancy is over, and now I am a mother.

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