Saturday, December 8, 2007

it's the final countdown.

(Paraphrased) exchange between me and my grandmother:

Grandma: So, did they tell you when the baby is coming?
Me: Sometime this month... probably in the next 2 weeks or less.*
Grandma: didn't they give you a specific day that they think she'll come?
Me: not exactly... if anyone could predict a specific date, they'd be very rich.
Grandma: (in a "duh" voice) well of course. only GOD can know things like that, not us.


*I've tried not to tell everyone my due date (December 10), because if people start calling me on the 10th saying "Is she here yet?" I might flip out.

It is widely agreed-upon that two of the most annoying questions you can ask a woman who is 9 months pregnant are "So when exactly is that baby coming" and "Did you have the baby yet." Unless you are having a scheduled C-section, you cannot predict exactly when the baby is coming. Even if you're being induced on a certain date, you don't know exactly how it's going to go or how long it's going to take. As for if I've had the baby yet, don't people think that I'd tell them? Or, at the very least, that if I'm answering the phone or IMs and I've had the baby, that I might mention it before they have the chance to ask? It makes me want to hide under a rock until the baby actually comes, but any time I even sign off AIM for more than 10 minutes, people assume it is because I am in labor. C'est la vie.

In baby news, she has basically taken up residence in the right half of my belly. This means that the right half of my belly protrudes out quite a few inches further than the left half. I am lopsided. Dude teases me because my belly enters the room before I do.

You can also see the outline of a butt at the top of my belly beneath my rib cage most of the time. Well, it looks more like a ball. But it's a butt. Trust me. Because of this, we've taken to calling the baby "Butt-Shelf." That's something for the baby book.


Krish said...

You're idle on AIM. Are you in labor?

~mama bean~ said...

as a warning, sarcastic, cheeky comments can still get you in trouble. ;)