Monday, January 14, 2008

one month update.

Today, Bee is 5 weeks old. This past Thursday (the 10th) marked one month since her birth, so I felt it'd be good to update.

It's been a fantastic month of motherhood. The main trial at the beginning was nursing, due to a problem referred to as "Oro-Boobular Disproportion." Hilarious name, eh? Don't believe that it exists? Google it. Anyway, with time that's gotten much easier and we're old pros now. Heck, I'm even NAK right now - forumspeak for "nursing at keyboard," heh.

Just a few things I've learned this month:
-The old school way of bathing babies, the way my mom bathed us back in India, is far better than the newborn tub, which produced many tears.
-Cloth diapering a newborn - at least, this newborn - is easy and fun.
-Once mama and baby are used to the nursing relationship, babies are portable, even in chilly weather.
-Nothing is cuter than my baby's smile, whether she does it while awake and looking at me or in her sleep.
-"Sleep when the baby sleeps" is awesome advice, even if it doesn't always seem possible.
-We have some awesome family and friends, and having them visit and watching them with the baby is so wonderful.
-The sounds she makes are heart-meltingly adorable, both coos and complaints.
-Having a baby is really FUN.

Aside from eating well, Bee can now smile (socially, I mean; even fetuses can smile from contentment) and sleep for 5-hour stretches (please realize this doesn't mean that I sleep for 5-hour stretches, as I am awake while nursing her and changing her diaper). She does 1 or 2 of these at night, which is awesome. She has the college student sleep schedule of going to bed at 2 am or so and waking up at noon or 1. She can hold her head up rather well, roll from her back to her side, and loves being kissed. She is very much a cuddlebug. She is also a perpetual motion machine, and if she is sleeping without being held, she'll thrash about wildly the whole time. IN HER SLEEP. She loves being worn in the moby wrap and bounced on the yoga ball. We play all kinds of different music for her (Raffi, Reggae for Kids, They Might Be Giants "Here Come the ABCs", and The Beatles, just to name a few things in her repertoire), and her favorite seems to be ambient techno. She gets very quiet and calm when this is played - she really is her father's daughter.

It's been a great month and I look forward to the next. I feel very lucky and happy to have such an awesome, mellow, happy baby - not to mention a terrific husband who makes a great father, and a supportive and loving family. I think that's it for now.