Thursday, February 28, 2008

adventures in telemarketing.

What a gem from this morning....

Phone: Ring! Ring!
Me: Hello?
Caller: [snooty tone] Hello and good morning, and this call may be monitored. I need to speak with Lynn Jackson, please.
Me: I'm sorry, there's no Lynn Jackson here.
Caller: [stunned silence] ...Really?
Me: Sorry, you have the wrong number.
Caller: Gosh, okay... well... Is there anyone by the last name of Jackson there?
Me: No. This is the Ourlastname residence.
Caller: Okay, then I'd like to speak to Lynn Ourlastname.
Me: ......there is no Lynn Ourlastname here, either.
Caller: Well, it might be Gail Lynn Ourlastname? or Gail Lynn Jackson?
Me: No, I'm sorry, the only adults living here are Me and Dude Ourlastname.
Caller: [sounding utterly thrown] Wow. Seriously? Wow... wow. Um... okay then. I'm sorry to bother you.

Friday, February 8, 2008

first full week alone: check.

Bumblebee and I were lucky enough to have 'helpers' (for lack of a better word) in and out for almost 8 full weeks. Mom was here for the first 3 weeks. After that, Dude had one week off, and a few short weeks at work. And for two weeks my sister-in-law came to spend Thursday and Friday with us.

So, despite the fact that Bee will be two months old (!) on Sunday, this was our first week alone. And obviously we aren't really "alone;" I just mean that it is the two of us and no one else during working hours, Monday to Friday. And we did well!

Let me tell you though. It is damn hard to get things accomplished during the day. For me anyway. A large part of this stems from my net addiction, and I'm not using the word addiction lightly. I think I need to back off a bit! But I think my expectations for "getting things done" might be a bit high. No matter what, each day the baby is well-fed, decently rested, and frequently changed into fresh happy diapers. Her laundry gets done every other day without fail - very important when you're using exclusively cloth diapers! Our laundry gets done as needed. Dude and I both eat pretty well the majority of the time. I shower at least every other day (hey, that's pretty much an accomplishment all on its own when you're a stay-at-home-mom with a new baby). I brush my teeth at least once a day. The kitchen, dining room, and living rooms are pretty clean - a bit cluttered, sure, but not dirty! Things I would like to add to this list: Exercising in one form or another. Keeping all the rooms reasonably tidy. Making sure all the clean laundry is actually put away.

All in all, not bad. I've even been able to cook several times! This recipe has proven itself to be easily adaptable and completely EASY. Having a slow cooker rules! The rest of the time, the baby swing, Moby wrap, or Ergo baby carrier have been necessary in order to facilitate cooking, eating, tea-drinking, cleaning, web-surfing, and the like. Even now, Bee is in the ergo. Thumbs up for babywearing. I am so glad that I can keep this little girl close to me at all times without limiting my activities.

So. Speaking (writing?) of getting things done, I ought to go make sure dinner's ready. TGIF!