Friday, March 14, 2008

product review: ama'z padz.

I dunno if any of you nursing mamas out there are copious leakers like me, but if so, you’re probably interested in nursing pads. As for disposables, I think that Lansinoh makes a good nursing pad, and I hear their Ultra-Soft ones are good though I haven’t tried them. But! I am not a fan of using them. Two reasons: 1) I have to keep buying more all the damn time, and 2) I hate that they’re individually wrapped. This feature is probably nice for moms on the go, but for moms who stay put like me, it means a crapload of useless plastic wrap. (The wrap is recyclable, at least!)

I’ve tried a few different random washable nursing pads and haven’t been impressed, as they haven’t lasted more than 3 hours. But this week, I’ve used nursing pads bought from Ama’z Padz - a website that sells cloth menstrual pads. THUMBS UP, ladies! These lovely washable pads are not only pretty, but DAMN do they absorb a lot of milk. If you’ve used Lansinoh’s disposables, you know they can hold a decent amount, and I can go through a pair or two in a night. Ama’z nursing padz, on the other hand, will last me the whole night and through the next day as well. I bought 4 pairs, which is perfect. I do Bumblebee’s laundry every other day, so those 4 pairs will take me through to the next laundry day and then get washed with her stuff. They can be washed and dried normally - I use hot water and high heat without trouble.

I was also pretty happy with the customer service. I e-mailed Janet, the woman behind Ama’z Padz, asking her how to order, and she told me to check her site Mondays at 1 pm. Three weeks in a row, I missed the stocking, and when I’d sign on the following day, everything was sold out. I figured that my Lansinohs were working out fine, and I had a bunch of those left anyway, so I left it alone. Janet e-mailed me last Sunday to tell me she’d have some in the next day. I signed on at 1:10, and only 1 pair was remaining out of the 5 she’d put up! She knew I wanted 3 more, though, and that I’d missed out the past few weeks, so she made me 3 more that night and shipped all 4 out the next day. I thought that was really nice of her, especially considering she's pregnant and I could barely get my own act together while pregnant. Shipping was super fast, too.

So, if anyone out there is reading and would love some washable pads that actually feel nice and absorb well, check these out!


JLahav said...

Hey there,
I'm almost due with #2, and would love to switch to washable nursing pads this time around (I too, loved the disposable Lansinohs with my first, but we've gone cloth diaper, and I feel like trying cloth nursing pads, too). Problem is, I'm really looking for the perfect product that will hold a couple of strong letdowns / overnight leaking AND also not show under my tighter and more lightweight shirts. How's visible are these pads? I liked the Lansinohs also b/c they were barely visible under clothing. Any input would help!


allen mark said...

I used many disposable pads before finding lily padz. They are awesome and also vey easy to clean, convenient and environment friendly!

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