Friday, March 14, 2008

puke happens.

Bumblebee has figured out how to suck on her fingers lately. Not the thumb, mind you; just the fingers. Unfortunately, this means that she will often stick a few fingers into her mouth a little too deep and stimulate her gag reflex.

I think it’s obvious where this is going.

As I tell Bee constantly, sometimes Mama has needs too. For example, sometimes I need to pee. Badly. So I usually lay her down, do my business, and return. Today, soon after I’d changed her into her outfit for the day, I set her on the newly-washed bouncy seat and went to the bathroom.

I heard the telltale sound of retching and emerged from my urinary experience to find her covered in spit-up. With her head turned to the side, no less, so that it could get everywhere as much as possible. Deep in her ears, down her front, seeping down her neck and back, sticking her hair to the back of her head. She realized I was standing there, staring at her, and greeted me with the hugest, grossest, pukiest smile I’ve ever seen, spit-up evident in her mouth and dribbling down her chin.

Oh, babies.

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