Sunday, April 27, 2008

not a cat person.

My dad is not a cat person. He really is not an animal person in general. My cat, however, loves my dad, who surreptitiously pet him a few times just now and thought I didn't notice. Kitty got wicked pumped and purred.

Dad: [pulling hand back quickly, startled] What is that noise?
Me: The cat purring.
Dad: No, it's really loud. And it sounds like something's vibrating. Like a cell phone.
Me: Yes, Dad, that is the cat.
Dad: No! That sound! What is that sound?? Is the bouncy chair turned on?
Me: [irritatedly] OH MY GOD. The cat is purring! I just said that! The. Cat. Is. Purring.
Dad: The CAT is doing that?
Me: Yes. He's purring.
Dad: But why? Why is he making that sound??
Me: Cats purr when they're happy!
Dad: Huh.

Good grief.

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