Saturday, April 19, 2008

today's chuckle.

Yesterday my friend D came over. The two of us took Bee and two other friends for a walk. It was really, REALLY warm and we thought we'd stop by the local ice cream place. D was so cute about Bee - he didn't want to put her down, even for a second, and worried about what she would have since I said she couldn't have ice cream.

(Side note: why do people act like I'm mean for not letting my 4-month-old eat ice cream? They aren't supposed to have dairy for some months yet, people!)

D: What about Bumblebee? Did you bring her anything?
Me: Anything for... what?
D: Something to drink, like a little cup with water?
Me: Oh, she doesn't need water. Breastmilk is 88% water, so she doesn't need anything else.
D: Oh. Did you bring her any milk?
Me: The milk's in my breasts. And I brought my breasts....
D: Oh. Well, that was very responsible of you!

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