Thursday, June 19, 2008

she said milk!

Okay, maybe she didn't SAY it. But Bumblebee signed today, for the first time!

We're using Baby Sign with her for, well, a plethora of reasons that I won't go into at the moment. Or potentially ever. We've been using the signs for "milk", "eat" (solid food), "cup" (sippy), "more", "all done", "change" (diaper), and I can't even think of what else.

The sign for "milk" involves opening and closing your hand, kind of like you're milking a cow. (Heh.) Last night, she opened and closed her hands a few times very intently. I told Dude that she was physically able to do the sign, but we knew it might take some time before she actually did it purposefully. For the past week or two, each time I sign "milk" when she wants it, she smiles or coos or laughs excitedly. (This doesn't happen for any other sign, but she's very motivated about milk!)

And she did it, today! She was fussy and about due for a feeding. As usual, I said, "Do you want some milk?" while signing "milk." As usual, she laughed happily, but this time, she signed it back! I got so excited that I scared the everloving crap out of her. She looked very concerned and wouldn't nurse for a few minutes.

Yesterday, I thought she might have waved to me, but it could have just been an excited flail. Mom was holding her, and I walked into the room and said "HI!" very cheerfully, and she got all pumped and flailed her arm.

Damn, my kid is starting to communicate.

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Vick said...

That's awesome! Miss O will sign it, too, and is beside herself with joy when I sign and ask :)

(Vick from MDC DDC)