Saturday, March 24, 2007

and more.

Somehow, I'm STILL 5 dpo. Waking up at 7:30 in the morning every day sure doesn't help the time go by any faster. I mean, considering I don't have to be up for a while after that.

Things that don't help:
-Everyone's been asking me when we're gonna have a baby. Or bringing up babies and pregnancy. Since before we got married, everyone's like "DON'T RUSH INTO HAVING BABIES OMG." Now lately everyone's in the mood for a baby.
-My mom, who was in the habit of telling me several times a month that she isn't ready to be a grandma, announced today that she is, and that she can't wait to buy baby things again, and she's sorry for ever telling me she wasn't ready and she'll support whatever I do.
-My due date would be my brother's bday.
-I already know how i'd tell my parents, in-laws, our siblings, and other family members.
-Spring seems to bring out the baby fever in everyone so it's the topic of the moment wherever I go. I can't escape it.
-I have heard the word "pregnancy" more times in the past week than in the year before it. True, some of the references involved some really freaky shit, but still.
-Our new apartment would totally work if we had a baby.

It doesn't help that my most visited sites right now are, random cloth diaper sites,, (I LOVE ROBEEZ), and don't forget about Now, I've decided that this is okay, since I occasionally go on these sites even when I know there ain't no way and no how I could be knocked up. But still, it only feeds into it, and makes the waiting longer.

I also decided that a lot of the sites are okay because my babylustin' coworker admitted to going to check out the Robeez new spring collection and said she wanted to buy the pony ones in advance. Hey, at least I haven't picked out a pattern yet. So I looked at all the new Robeez stuff, noted the stuff that the kids in my classroom have, and then found vegan alternatives like Isabooties. Those are cute!

I am so ready to have a baby; you have no idea. And I think I come off as crazier than I am. Like, I'm not resting all my hopes up on it, and my mood doesn't depend on whether or not it will happen, and I am fully aware that it is far too early to know anything and that next weekend is when things will become clear. I also know that obsessing about it won't help. That's just where I am, and I'm okay with it, so there.

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