Saturday, July 26, 2008

miss me?

Gosh, I feel like it's been a million years since I posted. I was lucky enough to have family in town, and then this week has been crazy. My mother, who had been here three months helping out after I threw my back out, left on Monday. I was nervous enough about how I would handle everything on my own again - while I am doing a lot better, I haven't been taking care of everything on my own since March. On top of that, I started a new telecommuting job this week - eek!

Suffice it to say, it has been a crazy month.

On July 11, Bee figured out how to get from being flat on her tummy to sitting up. While she still can't crawl, she can get around pretty fast - she'll roll over a couple times, push from her tummy to sit up, and then pitch forward again and roll over and sit somewhere else. On July 16, she figured out how to pull up to standing on a little toy cart she has.

Interestingly, whenever I tell the older generations about this, they all say, "Just wait till she starts driving." GIVE ME SOME TIME HERE PEOPLE.

Also, you won't believe me about this at all because she is only 7.5 months old, but I'll tell you anyway. So she's been waving hello for a month now (she doesn't wave bye-bye unless prompted - waving is a greeting for her and she will wave at absolutely everyone, photographs, and the cats), and each time she waves, we always wave back and say "Hi!" Now, for the past two days, every single time she waves, she says "Hi," clear as day. If someone walks in the room and says "Hi," even if it's not to her, she will make eye contact, wave, and say "Hi" back.

I am torn about putting it in the baby book, to be honest. But I feel like it is too early for a first word, and that alone - a strange clinging to textbook knowledge rather than the knowledge of my child - makes me feel like it can't be real. On the other hand, we aren't deaf or blind, and we see and hear her doing it. It just seems so unreal, I guess.

I have more recipes and tales to share, but on this laid-back weekend I think we are going to get around to some of that organizing that we keep procrastinating. I can't believe we've lived in this apartment for nearly four months now - and that we're almost completely unpacked. I am reminded of that scene in The Incredibles when he's on the phone with his wife, and she declares that they are officially unpacked, and he confusedly points out that they've been living in their house for years. She agrees, but says that now she has actually unpacked the last box. Ah, moving.

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