Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i want to be more regular.

And I don't mean by upping my fiber content; I mean posting more frequently on this blog.

Once again, the past few weeks have been crazy. Before I get into that, let me do a quick Bee milestone recap, since that is my primary purpose here.

First of all, as I said in this post, she is definitely saying hi. Witnesses agree. The "hi" has become much clearer. She sounds almost Southern, drawling slightly as she says it, which is odd considering she is a New Englander, born and raised. Oh, I am chuckling far too much at myself for the "born and raised" thing; I need more rest. Anyway. I know I told you about this already, but I am confirming that it is true since I was unsure last time. I thought that first words tended to be nouns. Bee is extremely social, so "Hi" as a first word seems fitting.

On July 16 (why did I forget to mention this in the other post?), she figured out how to pull up on objects to a standing position all by herself. On July 27, she began crawling. She just started, out of nowhere, and combined with the pulling up, we are in a whole new world of parenting. She is FAST, folks. FAST!!!

My days are generally spent trying to get verboten items out of her hands or worse, her mouth. I cannot tell you how hard she cried when I swiped a piece of carpet fuzz off the FRESHLY-VACUUMED FLOOR from her mouth. You would think that she had seized upon a chocolate-covered doughnut or something and I wrenched it away from her before she had the chance to enjoy it.

On July 31, we had our first ER visit. Short version of the story: Bee woke up with a very low-grade fever the morning we were supposed to go to Cape Cod. I thought it was teething, but it spiked up to 103. We went to an urgent care center and were referred on to the ER. After much Bee poking and prodding, including taking blood from both arms and inserting a catheter for a urine test, we learned that she had hand, foot, and mouth disease.

On July 29 (?? someone make sure I go back and double-check, I think I might be wrong), I left her alone with a non-family member for the first time while I ran out to the dentist.

On August 6, we went to the Cape Cod - first family vacation! On August 7, she cut her second tooth, which made the vacation start off rather interestingly.

On August 13, she had her first haircut, which I am still adjusting to. She looks adorable, but I miss her sideswept emo bangs.

On August 17, we left her alone for her first big stretch. Okay, not alone, but I mean, without either parent. And she'd been without us during appointments of mine and such, but only for a short while. On the 17th, we left her with my parents for nearly 9 hours. She did beautifully, and to be honest with you, she was way better for them than she usually is for me.

She is now 8 months old and eating finger foods like a champ. She's sleeping better than she used to (yay!) and more or less on a schedule. She flips through book pages now before eating them, and follows the sound of our voice and crawls after us if she can't see us. She lets go with both hands when she's pulled up to stand on things, tries to balance for a second, and then lands on her bottom.

Interestingly, she seems to have given up on signing. When she wants milk, she makes this new cough/giggle/whine sound as I unhook my nursing tank/bra. For everything else she might need (besides her need to say "hi" to everyone in the world), she fusses or cries. Heh. I think I need to try to encourage the signs more. Dude is much better at that than I am, which is weird because I used to work with babies and encouraging them to sign was a big deal to me.

That's the low-down on Bee. So I know I said "Before I get into that," which would mean that now that I'm done, the "before" part is over and I am to go into the craziness of the past few weeks.

However, it is much later than I thought it was, and I would really like to be at least moderately rested for the day tomorrow. So I am off to bed. I will tell you about the craziness next time.