Friday, November 28, 2008

mommy spice posts.

When I was writing for Mommy Spice, I somehow neglected this blog a lot, which is dumb, because if you know me, you know I can easily write for more than one blog at a time. But the past few months have been rough.

Anyway, since I have not posted here in quite some time, I thought I'd link to the other stuff I was writing at this time over at Mommy Spice.

A Day in the Life of Super-WAHM
Kids' CDs We Love
On Mobility

Working From Home
Strong Woman
Vacation, All I Ever Wanted
It Takes a Village
Weird Art
Vacation Stuff
Mama Body Image
Sleep Regression Woes
The Importance of Playgroups
Finger Foods
An Evening Without Baby
One Way to Look Like a Weirdo
Father-Daughter Time
Trimming the Talons
Cheap Green Baby Stuff
The Changing Seasons
Bee's Current Favorite Toys

Grandparent Love
Torture Chamber
Baby's First Infestation
Gentle Nap Training
I Don't Wanna
How to Prepare for Parenthood
Saved by the Power of Snuggles
Sippy Cup Success
I'm Still Here

Lansinoh Ultra-Soft Disposable Nursing Pads
Resourceful Husband Award
Please Let This be a Sign of Good Things to Come

After all the shit that happened in October that I just posted about earlier tonight, I let my entire Internet presence fall by the wayside, so that's where it ends. Unless they let me back on. We'll see.

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