Saturday, September 6, 2008

ec news.

So! I just wanted to update real quick on our elimination communication stuff, since I last talked about it here. If any of the diaper names I talk about aren't linked and you're curious, refer back there for more info.

Bee has been having a lot more pees in the potty. We still have a LOT of misses, but that's okay. We got these training pants, which I thought seemed like a great deal - 15 training pants for $30? Woot! They aren't waterproof, but that's okay. If we're going out I just throw a Thirsties cover over them.

So I have her in those for most of the day. I still use the Kissaluv fitteds with Thirsties if I need her in a diaper, and the Happy Heinys remain our going out/nighttime diaper. The Kissaluv contours and Snappis have been put away. I still love them and all, but I'm finding the underpants to be much easier.

Lately she's been resisting peeing in the Ikea potty, so I often just take her to the sink and hold her in a seated position with her knees up and cue her. This is great because she can look at herself in the mirror, which provides entertainment. Vain baby! Some days I can catch nearly all of her pees and some days I feel like I miss them all by minutes. One interesting thing? She's been keeping pretty dry OVERNIGHT (wtf?) and peeing in the potty tons as soon as she wakes up. Isn't that odd? I thought that was the last step in graduating from diapers. But no, she'll pee in her pants sometimes all day long and then hold it all night. *shrug* I'm not going to attempt to understand, or assume that it will last, since she is in such a changing phase of development.

Since her poop has become different since increasing her solid food intake, she's been resisting pooping on the potty as well. She likes to pull up and stand in a corner (no eye contact while pooping, lol) and poop there. But usually if I see her pulling up in such a way that she can't look at me, I know I have to take her to the potty. If I'm like "OH MY GOSH WAIT COME HERE AND POOP" then she freaks out and will hold it in. But if I calmly just put her on the potty and immediately distract her by reading her book after book, she'll chill out and go.

So even though we're facing a step back with poop, and we're having a lot of misses with pee, it's still going decently. Getting the undies on and off her to pee or change is so much easier than lying her down for a diaper change, especially with contours and Snappis and covers. I can get these on and off while she's crawling away.

As for diapers themselves, the fitteds are my reigning favorite for that same reason. I can button them up and pull them on like underpants, which is easier than getting this wiggly baby to lie down long enough to get a diaper on her.

I still have all this other stuff to post about, but I think I am slowly catching up to where I want to be.