Friday, February 27, 2009

i have never looked half as chipper when ill as my daughter does.

Went to bed feeling queasy, full of Tums and Alka-Seltzer. Woke up at 2:30 am to a very sad and confused baby covered in barf. (She went to bed feeling queasy, too.)

The three of us all woke up together about five hours later to discover that we had whatever stomach bug has been going around. Bee is also dripping with snot and sneezing a lot, but she's otherwise a trooper. But she's like that. Past evidence:

(This is from last June. She had a temperature of 103 degrees when I snapped this picture. She had just been sitting up, playing happily. I took a couple pictures of her, and then when I went to pick her up, I realized she was burning up and feverish. I felt SO guilty...)

But anyway, what I'm trying to say is that she doesn't always act ill (or tired) when she actually is. Which is what she's doing today, running around at top toddler speed.

May the babysitter gods bless us tonight, because neither of us has the energy to keep up today. Cursed stomach bugs. February's always the worst month of the year, so I guess it just had to slap us in the face one last time before disappearing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

is this bitch kidding?

Just read this (click to open a larger version)...

Is this woman for real? Has she ever even seen children? For someone who purports to be the "best friend" of a mother, she sure has the wrong idea about child-rearing. I can see why her "best friend" never bothers to call or e-mail her.

I mean, let's say that you've spent your day chasing around a child with 100 times more energy than you will ever have, you never got the chance do ANY of the chores you wanted to, you ate one crappy meal and are starving and have no chance to feed yourself, naptime was a huge battle, and a poopy diaper got smeared all over the wall. Once your kid is asleep for the night, go ahead and call your bitchy friend who doesn't get it and listen to her judge you for not wanting to go hang out with her needy ass. Afterwards, why not stick yourself in the eyeball with a fork? Make the day complete!

I've got several dedicated child-free friends, and even though we clearly don't agree on whether or not we want to raise kids, we can still respect and understand each other's choices and have fun together. Parent or not, no one wants to spend time with someone who doesn't understand them or their lifestyle. Maybe this is what's going on with this mom and her friend?

hottest husband.

(Okay, so while I firmly believe that my husband is the hottest husband of them all, he has not been entered in Redbook's Hottest Husband contest for 2009. But I just had to preface this post by declaring my strong attraction to my extremely good-lookin' guy.)

FireDad of Stop, Drop and Blog fame is one of the top 25 finalists for Hottest Husband 09. Check out FireMom's post on it, read about FireDad on the finalist website, and vote for Joshua H!

Oh, dear, I just saw that one of the finalists has the last name Kuntz. That must have been rough growing up!

different ways to spend the day.

Last night, Dude found the coaster holder I'd been searching for all day wedged between the couch and the wall.

"Was Littles playing with this today?"

"Oh, that's where it went! Last time I saw it, she'd brought it into the bathroom. She was smooshing her face into it while I was sitting on the toilet."



"Your days are just SO different from mine."

Monday, February 23, 2009

blah blah blah.

A week ago, there were movers traipsing through my house, moving large items of furniture and huge boxes. My eyeballs were whirling with the sight of an unpacked, toddler-unsafe house filled with Things To Do.

You should see this place. It looks SO much better. Once it's all set up, I'll do a photo tour so y'all can see it. Where ARE you guys, anyway? Is anyone still here? Did you all get mad and leave because I've been away so long?

Anyway, I've got nothing of value for right now. I'm only on to find a recipe for dinner, and it looks like Moroccan eggplant with couscous is the lucky winner. Whee.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

oh em gee

Sign on I-95N in Needham, MA

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i made it, and now i have a mountain to unpack.

I ended my last post saying that there was a lot of good coming and I just had to get there.

I'm there!

After almost 3 months of shuffling back and forth between parents' houses and temporarily living apart, Dude and I finally have a home of our own again! (Well, it's a rental home, but whatever.) The cats are at Dude's aunt's house, so once they move in, my little family will be all back together again.

I'm loving the new place. We moved in on Monday. It is Wednesday. I have a lot of unpacking to do. But now that I have an actual DESK with my LAPTOP on it, and now that I am getting back into my routine, be prepared for me to come back to this blog with open arms.

I have all kinds of ideas about delicious recipes I want to share with you (like my crockpot minestrone soup that is BARELY ANY EFFORT but better than Olive Garden's), and I've decided to start sharing pictures of the family, and a bunch of other things. I was thinking about having this blog be kind of... anonymous in a sense, I guess? But it isn't anyway, and how can I keep this kid to myself? I mean, look at her:

So stay tuned, blogosphere, because I am coming back in a big way.