Monday, February 23, 2009

blah blah blah.

A week ago, there were movers traipsing through my house, moving large items of furniture and huge boxes. My eyeballs were whirling with the sight of an unpacked, toddler-unsafe house filled with Things To Do.

You should see this place. It looks SO much better. Once it's all set up, I'll do a photo tour so y'all can see it. Where ARE you guys, anyway? Is anyone still here? Did you all get mad and leave because I've been away so long?

Anyway, I've got nothing of value for right now. I'm only on to find a recipe for dinner, and it looks like Moroccan eggplant with couscous is the lucky winner. Whee.


Jenn said...

yay! I'm a winner...please let me know how it turns out. Try mixing in golden raisins or dried cherries into the leftovers, makes it pretty snazzy.

Mama Bean said...

You ARE a winner. I got so excited browsing your blog today and looking for new fun recipes.

So, um, I kind of didn't stick to the recipe very well. I realized I didn't have orange juice right before the recipe called for it to be added, and then there were some temper tantrum issues and before I could stick it in the oven I had to go pick up my husband at work... so I ended up cooking the couscous stovetop in the boiling liquid/veggie mixture.

And it was DELICIOUS! I can imagine it would be way better with the orange juice and baked, but this came out like a kind of couscous-pilaf thing and it was good. I love the dried fruit idea, thanks!

Jenn said...

I'm glad it turned out...I remember making some adjustments to the original recipe, though cannot recall now what I changed!

Love your blog, makes me giggle (toddlerhood is a great post).