Friday, February 27, 2009

i have never looked half as chipper when ill as my daughter does.

Went to bed feeling queasy, full of Tums and Alka-Seltzer. Woke up at 2:30 am to a very sad and confused baby covered in barf. (She went to bed feeling queasy, too.)

The three of us all woke up together about five hours later to discover that we had whatever stomach bug has been going around. Bee is also dripping with snot and sneezing a lot, but she's otherwise a trooper. But she's like that. Past evidence:

(This is from last June. She had a temperature of 103 degrees when I snapped this picture. She had just been sitting up, playing happily. I took a couple pictures of her, and then when I went to pick her up, I realized she was burning up and feverish. I felt SO guilty...)

But anyway, what I'm trying to say is that she doesn't always act ill (or tired) when she actually is. Which is what she's doing today, running around at top toddler speed.

May the babysitter gods bless us tonight, because neither of us has the energy to keep up today. Cursed stomach bugs. February's always the worst month of the year, so I guess it just had to slap us in the face one last time before disappearing.


crazy8s said...

She really does look happy in that photo. I've heard similar stories of people with kiddos that have double ear infections, a fever, etc. and didn't exhibit any signs until taken in to the dr. Crazy stuff.

That bug sounds nasty. Hope you all feel better soon! We're sick here too, but with a coughing bug.

Mommy Bear said...

Bug is the exact same way. Remember that killer stomach bug we all got back in May? He was SUCH a trooper, all smiles and play, up to about 3 seconds before and after each puke.

Bah! I'd like to never repeat that ever ever ever again.

And I'm sorry you're going through it now. You have my biggest sympathies!