Tuesday, February 24, 2009

is this bitch kidding?

Just read this (click to open a larger version)...

Is this woman for real? Has she ever even seen children? For someone who purports to be the "best friend" of a mother, she sure has the wrong idea about child-rearing. I can see why her "best friend" never bothers to call or e-mail her.

I mean, let's say that you've spent your day chasing around a child with 100 times more energy than you will ever have, you never got the chance do ANY of the chores you wanted to, you ate one crappy meal and are starving and have no chance to feed yourself, naptime was a huge battle, and a poopy diaper got smeared all over the wall. Once your kid is asleep for the night, go ahead and call your bitchy friend who doesn't get it and listen to her judge you for not wanting to go hang out with her needy ass. Afterwards, why not stick yourself in the eyeball with a fork? Make the day complete!

I've got several dedicated child-free friends, and even though we clearly don't agree on whether or not we want to raise kids, we can still respect and understand each other's choices and have fun together. Parent or not, no one wants to spend time with someone who doesn't understand them or their lifestyle. Maybe this is what's going on with this mom and her friend?


sunnydecho said...

yay! i'm going to come and read your blog here! :)

Vick said...

I love Carolyn Hax. She writes what I would say if I were an advice columnist :)