Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am not going to post today really, but I identified with some of the feelings in this, so go read that instead.

The one noteworthy thing: Bee's 15 months old today! As of about 5 minutes ago.

I will tell you what I want to post about, though:
-nursing a toddler and the benefits of extended breastfeeding
-recipes for curried beets & tofu, veggie couscous, crockpot minestrone soup, super easy Spanish rice, and "un"fried beans
-thoughts on when to begin the quest for baby #2, tandem nursing, homebirthing, and such

Instead, I will leave you with Bee's favorite TMBG podcast. I cannot so much as look at the laptop around her without her begging to watch one of these. She's started saying "please" out loud while signing it, and it is very hard not to give her whatever she wants. She makes an angelic face, signs it, and says "Peez?" with her voice inflecting up at the end. It's terribly cute and she knows it.

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