Thursday, April 2, 2009

how not to blog.

I compose blog posts in my head several times a day. Some of them are awesome. You'd probably enjoy them. They never seem to make it from my head to my fingers to the keyboard to the screen, though. The process gets interrupted very easily.

An online friend of mine made me think about how bloggers change once they become parents. Pre-Bee, I would post constantly to my own online journal (not here) and to communities related to women's reproductive health. It's just not that easy now.

During the time it's taken me to type out these two paragraphs, with absolutely no editing, Bee has turned my cell phone on and off twice, thrown it across the room once, and threatened to throw it down the stairs three times. She also sat down, patted the area next to her, and said "Mama" until I came and sat next to her. Currently, she is nursing while punching me in the chest and kicking me in the armpit. Sure, I could blog while she's asleep, but being that she is not the world's best sleeper, naptime is my chance to get anything done that's easier to do without her awake.

So I'll give you a quick update on her first and then me. She is nearly 16 months old. She is getting approximately 200 teeth at once, and I did not know there was even enough room in her small head for that, but apparently there is. She's a very verbal child, and she (as I've mentioned) loves to read. She memorizes books very quickly, and because of this she has learned things that amaze me.

For example, she can correctly identify the numbers 1-7, out of order and out of context, thanks to Sandra Boynton's Hippos Go Berserk! (a book I thoroughly recommend). This is brand new, just started this weekend, and BLOWS MY MIND. We went to my in-laws' house on Sunday for dinner, and she picked up pieces of a number puzzle and just went to town. "Theeeeee!" she beamed proudly, picking up the 3. "Doooo." (2.) "Poor." (4.) "Pa-kiiiiiive." (5. 5 is always pronounced just like that. She cannot pronounce Fs so they come out as some sort of interesting PK amalgam.) "Bebben." (7.)

"Stop teaching her this stuff," my father-in-law warned. "You don't want her to end up smarter than you." This is true. I don't want to be outsmarted by a 1-year-old. How was I to know that reading a book about hippos approximately 700 times a day would start me down that path?

She also can correctly identify yellow, blue, and red. She gets green right every now and then. If she's not sure what a color is (e.g. brown, orange, pink, purple) she will tell you it's yellow with a very proud grin and an "I'm-totally-acing-this" look on her face, followed by applause.

She is also starting to figure out how to climb. She is going through such a shift over these past few months, from baby to young toddler to SUPER TODDLER, and it blows my mind. Last summer, this was the baby who rolled over ONE TIME and refused to do it ever again. Now she's moving furniture around to see if she can, in fact, jump out the 3rd floor window, because that sounds like a good plan.

So let's move on to me. I know I've linked to this in other places, but possibly not here... WEGO Health did a spotlight interview on me, which is REALLY COOL because I have always assumed that no one cares about what I have to say. I am also blogging occasionally for Massachusetts Friends of Midwives, along with several other bloggers.

In our personal life, things are going quite well for me and Dude. We are at the phase of "settled in the new house" where there are still definitely some things left to do, but they are so minor and easy to procrastinate that they never get done. But that's okay. I've also kind of given up on trying to be Super Housewife. Because who cares? At the end of the day, there might be dried food under Bee's high chair and dust on the shelves and a sink full of dishes that no one wants to take care of. But Bee and I are happy and healthy and well-fed, and Dude and I have an amazing relationship with each other and our daughter. We all enjoy each other every day.



When it boils down to it, our family dynamic is supremely awesome, and that's the most important thing, isn't it? I'm not saying we live in squalor (my mother may disagree), just that the house is rarely tidy these days, but we all love each other and are taking care of ourselves and each other. And that is all that matters.

Someday I will write about nursing a toddler. About how Dude and I are hoping for a 2010 baby and a planned homebirth. About Fertility Awareness Method and how we have used it to avoid as well as try for pregnancy. All these posts and more are brewing in my head and itching to be typed out. But some other time, I suppose, because my Bee is falling asleep at the breast. I'd like to put her down and maybe work on some of those non-priorities mentioned above.

So for now I shall leave you with this, the true marker of a successful day... playground time.

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Jammin Jess said...

very sweet stuff!

our apartment is constantly messy as well since its not priority. :-)