Wednesday, October 28, 2009

posting this for wegohealth

no one still thinks i blog here, right? you all know to find me at dreamwidth on my other rarely-updated* public blog, right?

*this will change. someday. i swear. this summer has been particularly bad in terms of my health, plus it's only been a year since Dude lost his job and we had to move 250 miles away AND THEN BACK less than 3 months later, so i've been in a constant state of transition and craziness... which does not make for good blogginess. i just spew crap into my (protected) LJ and that's about it.

but ANYWAY, even though i do NOT blog here anymore, i am re-posting this invite from wegohealth in case anyone happens to come across this post!

Invitation: WEGO Health Exclusive, Health Activist-only webinar presentation on Wednesday, November 4th, "When to See a Reproductive Endocrinologist: 7 Key Factors."

Presented live by one of the country's leading reproductive endocrinologists, Glenn Schattman, MD, from Cornell University. This event is free and made possible by one of WEGO Health's sponsors.

Webinar attendees will gain:

  • Valuable insight to help women you know online to make informed decisions
  • In-depth medical updates - usually reserved for physicians - about the factors that all TTC women should consider
  • Exclusive direct access to Dr. Schattman during our live Q&A session

This one-hour webinar is offered at four different times on Wednesday, November 4th: Noon, 4PM, 6PM and 9PM (all times are EST)

Attendance is limited, sign up today!

To RSVP, please complete this brief survey and someone from WEGO Health will email you the logistical details shortly:

Earn $5 for RESOLVE:

To help incorporate participant ideas and feedback into later programs, WEGO Health will invite all webinar attendees to participate in a brief follow-up survey. For every attendee who completes this short survey, WEGO Health will make a $5 donation to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

Questions? Contact WEGO Health at (

Marie Connelly

Community Manager

phone: 617.649.1548

fax: 617.426.5027

Follow us on Twitter:

Become a fan on Facebook:

empowering health activists to help others

hope this info is useful to anyone reading out there!

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